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PSP Video Encoder

Made quick and dirty Python script to convert videos and pictures for the PSP. Iam using FFmpeg and Imagemagick You have to edit this variables to make the script suitable for your system.

  • PSP_MOUNT = “/mnt/psp”
  • TMPFILE = “./pspvideo”
  • FFMPEG = “/usr/bin/ffmpeg”
  • CONVERT = “/usr/bin/convert”

The script will try to mount the PSP and guesses the next free video filename, to avoid overwriting existing files. Also you can specify ‘-c’ to cleanup the PSP before copying the files.

Encode video: python -m vid -i file.mpg

Encode video and cleanup: python -m vid -i file.mpg -c

Encode only 10 sec: python -m vid -i file.mpg -c -d 10

Copy pictures to the PSP: python -m pic -i folder/


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