PMP Mod M4g3 Windows Server

Did a little debugging under XP in Vmware. Found one bottleneck and an error. Seems that the python sendresponse http method is kind of slow under windows, so added a simple hack. Also you have to use O_BINARY ( what is this shit…) for lowlevel fileio under Windows. Was able to stream a DVD from the Vmware Windows. No Stutter, everything smooth.Hope that Windows User are happy now 😉


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  1. It was stated earlier by Optixx that the Home button is not currently functional, due to the program running in user space I think he said. The triangle button exits videos while playing, and exits the program from the menu. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks alot for the great pmp player, LOVE the WIRELESS part its awesome. Anyone have any good guides to actually encoding them for quality and speed ? Also seem to have some sync problems with the sound on films like incredibles etc ? anyone got any soloutions ?

  3. @ Cardy_X, try and see if you can find the modified version of 3GPConverter that is specifically modded to create pmp files. I had audio sync problems with 24 on everything I tried, but not with 3GPConverter.

  4. WOW thnks alot optix i was struggiling to get this to work but with the help i found here it was a breeze

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