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K2send – Gui for BlueMp3

Last updated on 2007-04-12

After reading the CT article about the BlueMp3 player, i knew i need this piece of hardware. It’s an bluetooth mp3 player based on the Atmel Mega128 cpu. The firmware source is available and the client is linux based. So what do i need more to play around? I ordered the pcb and parts at Segor. The Bluetooth module and the Atmega was pre-solderd, because it’s not easy to solder TQFP’s at home. The thing was build after a hour of soldering and worked perfect. But the bluetooth signal just worked over 5 meters. So i added an Lambda/4 antenna (thanks tobi) to the bluetooth module, which extented the coverage up to 20 meters. But what i really needed was a GUI to play my mp3s. Since iam KDE user i deciced to programm my own Gui called k2send. I setup a project page a berlios for it.

Snes Snes

Picture 1

Picture 2

Project page


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