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Loundness filter for BlueMp3

Last updated on 2021-05-31

I wrote an extension to the [BlueMp3]( firmware. Now you can use an loudness filter on the mp3-player. After reading the [VS1001]( [specs](, the [BlueMp3]( mp3-decoder, i noticed that it’s possbile to upload code to the dsp.This code can manipulate the current mp3 stream, so perfect for a loundness filter. I worked through the [VS1001]( [application note]( and wrote some routines to upload that [VS1001]( code to the chip. Then i integrated that routines into the [BlueMp3]( firmware. There is patch available for the 1.8 firmware but also the binary 2.5 firmware includes the loundness filter code.

[patch firmware 1.8](

[patch client 1.8](

[binary 2.4](

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