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PSP Video Encoder with PMP support

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Added support for the PMP Container format used by [PMP_MOD]( The perl based muxer is included in this package.

To use the PMP Container format you have to define this variables in the python script.

* PSP_PMP_PATH = “/psp/video”
* PMP_MUX = “”

Encode video:
**python -m pmp -i file.mpg**

Encode video and cleanup:
**python -m pmp -i file.mpg -c**

Encode only 10 sec:
**python -m pmp-i file.mpg -c -d 10**


One Comment

  1. Harbinger Harbinger

    Ok, seriously, it took me this long to realize this existed. I’m surprised no one has made an OS X front end for this.

    Thank you VERY much for the resource!

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