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PMP Mod 1.02 + Network Support

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Added Network Support to [PMP Mod]( so that you can use your PSP as a streaming client. Basically all lowlevel IO calls are mapped to my network enabled io functions. I use a simple python based HTTP Server as backend. This version is in ‘Proof of concept’ state, so don’t expect eye-candy or a userfriendly interface.

You have to edit net_io.h to customize the WIFI setup. The remote server is included in the tarball and runs under Unix. The major modifications to vanilla PMP Mod are that the main threads needs to run in user land, so that i can handle network io properly.Anyway i had to switch to a different Button to exit PMP Mod, ‘Home’ doesn’t seem to work from user space. Also i added code to decide on each io operation either to use the normal file functions or the http based network functions, so both file types are support by this version.
Dont’t forget to edit pmpmod.c and enter your location of pmp movies on your remote computer. You need libcurl for psp to compile, a patch can be found at [](

I get around 500Kbytes/s network throughput,so i had no problem to stream a ripped DVD via network.
So if you are watching 800kbit movies, libcurl needs around 0.18 seconds to pull the data. Since IO is done in a dedicated thread this has no impact on the decode performance. Iam not an expert in this encoding stuff, but i was really impressed how good this is working,with this dumb io-call-to-http-interface.


[Picture 1](



  1. frank frank

    hey, could you maybe make a compiled version, cuz i am really bad at compiling stuff, on the count of i dont know how to

  2. Administrator Administrator

    yeah, i will release a new version which has no root path for the remote video directory in the c sources. Then you can select you video dir from the python http server. Also i will provide binarys. Should be online this night.

  3. frank frank

    kk, koo. thx alot, i hope that it will work good with my stuff, so i can like stream movies from my compy to my psp and it be good sync

  4. sash sash

    great work! i´m waiting for such a feature since the release of pmp_mod, can´t wait for the binaries..

  5. matriculated matriculated

    Wow! I’ve been waiting for this. Pretty soon pmp mod will be to the psp what xbmc is to the xbox!

  6. iCe-MaSTeR iCe-MaSTeR

    Hi, can i play a RSTP protocol stream ?

  7. Slim Slim

    I dont get it what are you all talking about and how does this work?I downloaded the mod but how do i make it work for my psp?

  8. Justin Justin

    Yeah, could you maybe explain what to do to use it? It sounds really cool, but besides downloading a few things to my computer, I’m clueless. I know a lot about computers, but not so much about my 2 month old PSP. Thanks a lot!

  9. Kable Kable

    Too bad most of us don’t use *Nix.

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