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PMP Mod M4g3 Update

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Updated the Network enabled version.

* Wrote a little Readme
* Debug flag is now in the config file
* Removed obsolete Defines from header files
* Added missing Python Server Script to the tarball



  1. Fiki Fiki

    I was wondering if there was any chance we could get the binary for the updated PMP Mod and a server solution for windows? Is it just a HTTP server or something?

  2. Tezzi Tezzi

    I’ve installed python for windows. The script runs and I can see the files I have on the pc. But on loading a file I get the error: can’t read video index. What’s that about?

  3. MaNiAc MaNiAc

    I have the same problem.
    I Installed pyton for windows and configured everything like it should. the scrips runs. I can see the .pmp’s on my PC too.
    But if i try to play them the following error occurs : “pmp_lib_open: can’t read video index”.
    In the server window the text is as follows : [] “GET /close?fd=3 HTTP/1.1” 200 –
    Create E:\Movies\domino.pmp net:4 fd:3
    [] “GET /open?filename=domino.pmp&flags=O_RDONLY HTTP/1.1” 200 –
    Read from E:\Movies\domino.pmp 32 bytes net:4 fd:3
    [] “GET /read?fd=4&size=32 HTTP/1.1” 200 –
    Read from E:\Movies\domino.pmp 41 bytes net:4 fd:3
    [] “GET /read?fd=4&size=6108 HTTP/1.1” 200 –
    Close E:\Movies\domino.pmp net:4 fd:3
    [] “GET /close?fd=4 HTTP/1.1” 200 –

    maybe someone have any idea ??


  4. Fiki Fiki

    Yeah. I’ve setup Python in Windows and I had the server running and everything. After trying to play a test file through the connection though I simply get the same problem with not being able to read a video index or something. Has anyone been able to successfully stream a video and perhaps provide instructions?

  5. how did u guys compile it? could i use the old version with the server? can i have a server somwhere other than on my network, or does it have to be my computer and on my ip? would it be possible to have 1 BIG database so that we could upload all of our files and we can connect from anywhere?

  6. Fiki Fiki

    Well I’m unable to compile the binary for the PMP Mod eboot so I’m using the version released earlier, “PMP Mod M4g3 + Network Support
    PMP Mod M4g3 Update” and just running the Python server included in this package. As far as the server, from what I read on the posts, it just has to be on some computer that your PSP can connect to with at least 500K throughput.

    Still no luck with getting the videos to actually play. So far I just see them listed on my PSP.

  7. kk, hope that there will be a program to do all of this stuff soon, so that it will compile it, maybe just have a file, and u type stuff, like folders, and it will add it. hatever. i will try to get this to work.

  8. DAMN!!! i hope that soon there is an update so that i can playmovies off my computer.

  9. Fiki Fiki

    Sash, I already have my PSP showing the media files stored on my computer, which means that the binary and the server are both showing the correct directory. The others and I still come across this problem with the video index however. Could you perhaps list the exact things you did in order so we can see what it is that is causing this problem?

  10. MAK MAK

    Pls is correct way e.g. :


    and on drive P is in root some pmp videos ?

    i have allways blue screen on psp ;o(

    if i open in IE is only 0

  11. Fiki Fiki

    Well first of all in the pmp.ini file, you set the ip address to the ip address of where you are running the server. In my case, my desktop is running the server and its ip address is so that is what I would put. For the ROOT, you set it to whatever directory you have all of your PMP videos stored in.

  12. sash sash

    fiki: i´m using the pmp_server on a linux machine..i believe it´s the python-on-windows which is causing your problems, because i didn´t do anything special than mentioned in the thread..

  13. Fiki Fiki

    Aha. Alright, thanks Sash. I’ll run over and get my linux box going right away to see if it’s Windows being the miscreant. Thanks again.

  14. Stuck Stuck

    I’m a little stuck here, hopefully I can get some help. I’m not able to compile the updated source, so can this still work with the previous binaries? If so, once I have edited the file to the proper ROOT directory, do I just open it to get it to work? Cause that “$python ./” line is confusing me :S. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  15. sash sash

    you don´t need to compile the new sources (i didn´t do it and it´s working), just take the pmp_server out of this update and edit the path to your needs. use the binaries from and edit pmp.ini to point to your server..

  16. Dee Dee

    where can i download the server?

  17. sash sash

    the server is written in python, his name is and he´s included in this archive you are writing comments to

  18. Stuck Stuck

    Thanks for the help sash, that cleared up a few things. Now I seem to have some trouble connecting to the server. When I start PMP Mod on my PSP, it only opens the “ms0:\PSP\VIDEO” directory on my PSP, and starts up without the server running. I believe I set up the pmp.ini file correctly, but I guess there is something wrong. Here it is
    # Net Io Config

    con = 0;
    enabled = 1;
    uri =;

    Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks again in advance.

    BTW, the server can be downloaded at

  19. Dee Dee

    i download the pmp_mod1.02-M4g3.tar.gz and when i open it i get a a text file with codes?..sorry imma noob n this python thing

  20. sash sash

    are you running a linux server? is the server´s ip there has to be an output on the server when you start pspmod on your psp

  21. Stuck Stuck

    Ok, I messed around some more and now can see my pmp files on my PSP, but when I try to load them, I get the video index error as well. I’m running the python on Windows, and I guess I should be using Linux to run the server instead. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

  22. spiller spiller

    I found the error string in the source file pmp_lib.c:

    p->vid_index = malloc_64(sizeof(unsigned int) *

    if (p->vid_index == 0)
    return(“pmp_lib_open: malloc_64 failed on


    if (FILE_IO == p->protocol){
    if (fread(p->vid_index, 1, sizeof(unsigned int) *

    p->vid.number_of_frames, p->f_vid) != sizeof(unsigned int) *

    return(“pmp_lib_open: can’t read video index”);
    if (net_io_read(p->f_nf,p->vid_index,sizeof(unsigned

    int) * p->vid.number_of_frames) != sizeof(unsigned int) *

    return(“pmp_lib_open: can’t read video index”);

    I dont know much about C ,but maybe it can help someone else to solve
    the “pmp_lib_open: can’t read video index” problem.

  23. moontan moontan

    Anyone know if a server like this can be setup on the HD of a dreambox sat receiver? since most ppl have theirs on 24/7 and so would be ideal for storing movies converted for pmp and streaming to psp.

    Hopefully someone comes up with that and full tv streaming from dreambox to psp 😉

  24. Dee Dee

    ok..i got everything rite cept when streaming the video i get a video index erro :(..guess it only works for linux ..

  25. Fiki Fiki

    Dee: Yeah it’s pretty much Windows not running it right if you get the video index error. After trying it out in Linux, I was able to stream a movie to my PSP

  26. Stuck Stuck

    Anyone tried compiling the new version and testing it? Maybe there is a fix in there for Windows…

  27. Dee Dee

    Dam lucky.Fiki u had window and linux on ur PC?

  28. Dee Dee

    Does anybody know how to dual boot ur pc from windows to linux?

  29. Fiki Fiki

    Dee: The best way is to use PartitionMagic (or similar program) to resize your Windows partition and leave some empty space at the end of your drive. Then using a Linux install disk, install Linux to the empty space and it’ll automatically install a bootloader to allow you to dual boot.

  30. hakas hakas

    u have to have linix?? gay! i dont have (nor wish to install) linux!

    plz plz make a release for us window users. darn. this after i spend a half hour getting past the blue screen of death.

  31. Fiki Fiki

    It’d really be appreciated if the server could be ported to Windows since it’d be both more approachable to the majority of PSP users and easier for me =)

  32. sash sash

    yes would be great if someone gets the new source compiled, perhaps the audio stuttering is gone then. it occurs when i try to play videos with more than 400-500kbit. my attempt to compile ended in an error..

  33. Dee Dee

    eh Fiki . You think i can test it out using ur server?..llol..just wanted to see how it is. 🙂 (u prbly say no.haha)

  34. Fiki Fiki

    Dee: Sorry but my Linux box isn’t open to outside connections. The only real way to get into it is through the intranet.

  35. Fiki Fiki

    I think I -might- have a way to reduce the stuttering. When looking at the PMP converter earlier I saw that it was set to a bitrate of 768. So I’ve reduced the bitrate to below 500kb/s and once its finished transcoding, I’ll test it out and see if it works correctly.

  36. Heyward Heyward

    I haven’t tested it yet but it should be fine if you were to run this in Linux under a VMWARE virtual machine.

  37. cyberdevil cyberdevil

    i have taste it under windows and i got the same error
    under knoppix (bootable linux from cd/dvd) it runs

  38. apple mac apple mac

    Any chance at an apple version? I am runnning OSX 10.4 would love to see this on here!

  39. cptmarginal cptmarginal

    I finally got it to work after much troubleshooting. I’m running Cygwin under XP, with the file edited to have the FULL path of my movies i.e. “c:/pmp”. Also, make sure you have at least one movie file in that dir.

    BTW, if you are getting the blue screen while using Python for Windows, something is wrong. You should be able to see what files are shared even if they won’t play without Linux. Try following my advice above, and keep in mind that the prog starts to a blue screen no matter what, look at the network activity light on your PSP to see if it is loading or not.

    I do need help in making this work better though. I can get a video to start playing, but it takes an extremely long time to load, and then is unwatchably slow. Is Cygwin limiting how fast my network will work or something like that? Should I switch to a different program, such as VMWare? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, it sucks knowing that this could be working perfect if not for the slow speed, especially after the hours of time I spent getting this far.

  40. Merekas Merekas

    So, anyone got it running smoothly on Windows? Like most of you guys, I can’t get the video index either, tho I can see my directory listing. Running Python 2.3 and win2k.

  41. WS WS

    I got it all to work! Linux rox! Thank god someone is finaly making a server solution for linux before windows. Atho the video lags from time to time its nice to see that it works. I hope it will be optimized later on. Thanx once again Optixx!

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