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PMP Mod M4g3 Binary

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Made a binary release of the network enabled PMP Mod M4g3 media player. Since i don’t use Windows i can’t deliver an windows tested pmp server script.

Some Tips and Tricks:

* Use an static ip address
* Double check your PSP WIFI Setug
* Choose which WIFI Setup to use and the edit con flag in pmp.ini,
which is an index to your WIFI Setup, so first WIFI config implies con=0;
* Check your remote server script with wget or curl


* Enable the debug flag in pmp.ini
* Stay close to your Access Point if you Test for the first time.




  1. apple mac apple mac

    awesome stuff!!!!

    any chance this could run on osx 10.4 since you have written it in linux, in theory this should run on osX very easily!

  2. Administrator Administrator

    Should run out of the box on osX.

  3. Zoidberg Zoidberg

    what http sever would you use on xp?

  4. MAK MAK

    Hi pls help me 😉

    1. i install new PMOP Binnary and edit ini for ip
    2.i change path in way to ROOT=”p:/” (under WinXP Pro)
    3.i check from network in ie – result is blank page with: -1
    4. on my PSP i have only one network settings for wifi and is fully funcionality
    – After run PSP Mod is blue screen with this text :
    Connecting to Access point …
    connection state 0 of 4
    connection state 2 of 4

    is all and freeze 10 min ;(
    Pls litte help for me


  5. MAK MAK

    and in my P: drive is some 10x videeo.pmp files

    my Python conslole is black on PSP connection

    only if i connect from IE is in console this text:

    ERROR: exceptions.Atribute Error ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘O_RDONLY”‘

    [MAX] “GET /open?filename=movie.avi&flags=O_RDONLY” HTTP/1.1″ 200 –

    example of my p:
    p:\Innocence 850.pmp
    p:\Pitch Black.pmp
    p:\Aeon Flux.pmp ….

  6. Tezzi Tezzi

    On my IntelMac (OSX 10.4.4) it runs, but video and audio stutter… I think there is room for optimization of the network code right?

  7. LazerTag LazerTag

    @ Zoidberg

    If you have Windows XP Pro you can install IIS 5.0.

    I would however resist that urge at all costs and use Apache for Win32. 😉

  8. apple mac apple mac

    Hey Tezzi, Can you tell me how you got this running on your mac. I am running 10.4

    your help would be appreciated.


  9. hcl404 hcl404

    You can’t have spaces in the filename so no “Pitch Black.pmp”. Instead use _ for space.

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