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PMP Mod M4g3 Windows Server

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Did a little debugging under XP in Vmware. Found one bottleneck and an error.
Seems that the python sendresponse http method is kind of slow under windows, so added a simple hack.
Also you have to use O_BINARY ( what is this shit…) for lowlevel fileio under Windows.
Was able to stream a DVD from the Vmware Windows. No Stutter, everything smooth.Hope that Windows User are happy now 😉



  1. cptmarginal cptmarginal

    It was stated earlier by Optixx that the Home button is not currently functional, due to the program running in user space I think he said. The triangle button exits videos while playing, and exits the program from the menu. Hope that helps.

  2. Cardy_X Cardy_X

    Thanks alot for the great pmp player, LOVE the WIRELESS part its awesome. Anyone have any good guides to actually encoding them for quality and speed ? Also seem to have some sync problems with the sound on films like incredibles etc ? anyone got any soloutions ?

  3. Jim Jim

    @ Cardy_X, try and see if you can find the modified version of 3GPConverter that is specifically modded to create pmp files. I had audio sync problems with 24 on everything I tried, but not with 3GPConverter.

  4. Sean Sean

    WOW thnks alot optix i was struggiling to get this to work but with the help i found here it was a breeze

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