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PMP Mod M4g3 Windows Server

Did a little debugging under XP in Vmware. Found one bottleneck and an error.
Seems that the python sendresponse http method is kind of slow under windows, so added a simple hack.
Also you have to use O_BINARY ( what is this shit…) for lowlevel fileio under Windows.
Was able to stream a DVD from the Vmware Windows. No Stutter, everything smooth.Hope that Windows User are happy now 😉



  1. Mav Mav

    Awesome it now works under windows. This has just made the PSP 10x better.

  2. The one The one

    How did you get it to work i have no clue plz help.

    thnx in advance.

  3. Merekas Merekas

    Hmm, Pythons seems to crash when trying to run… Maybe it’s my fault. Do I need the VMware to run it?

  4. Mav Mav

    First of all you are going to need Python installed on your computer. You can get it from here –

    1. edit the pmp.ini from the PMPMOD_M4g3 folder with notepad to your local ip address

    uri = local ip address:3333;

    To find your ip address open a command prompt and type ipconfig

    2. The wireless connection on your psp must be specified in the pmp.ini. So the first connection on your psp is 0, 2nd is 1 and so on.


    3. Edit the and assign the folder where your movies are.

    e.g ROOT=”C:\PSP”

    4. Start the server

    5. Then its just copying the PMPMOD_M4g3 and PMPMOD_M4g3% folder to your psp and running it with the wlan switched on.

    Doesnt work on 2.00 or higher firmwares.

  5. Mav Mav

    Some of my pmp files dont work for some reason. They work when they are not streamed so i dont know wats goin on. I get this message from the python server.

    [] code 400, message Bad request syntax (‘GET /open?filename=X-Men 3
    Teaser.pmp&flags=O_RDONLY HTTP/1.1’)
    [] “GET /open?filename=X-Men 3 Teaser.pmp&flags=O_RDONLY HTTP/1.1” 4
    00 –

    and on the psp it says


    “pmp_lib_open: can’t open file”

    Press x

  6. Mav Mav

    Just figured it out pmp filename cant have spaces.

  7. The one The one

    Thanks alot Mav

  8. Dee Dee

    yea yea…it works now on windows now. Great job Optixx for taking ur time to compile it for window users..and it works great no stuttering

  9. Merekas Merekas

    Yeah, got it working finally, great stuff. I had some minor indention problems in line 50 or so. Also, logging shows thru the streaming movie when viewing in zoom or fullscreen mode. Otherwise it’s perfect, really good news for all the 1.5FW PSP owners! Thanks a bunch, Optixx!

  10. apple mac apple mac

    Is there a pmp convertor for apple computers?

  11. Dee Dee

    Man waht i hate most is taht u gotta convert ur avi file to pmp (Don’t get me wrong pmp files kick azz with good qulaity)but, takes along time to encode it to pmp. Optixx u should make this program also play avi file so that u dunt have to convert it all the time.

  12. MAK MAK

    Hi, pls i need help. Here is screen of my problem. Pls send me u ideas to my mail. Thx MAK

    SCREEN (about 1/2 MB)


  13. Leo Leo

    I am with you MAK, I get stuck at the same spot as you. I have never used Python before so I don’t know if this matter but on your screen in the some lines are missing. Mine has the following additions:

    “# curl “http://localhost:3333/close?fd=1″

    import platform

    if platform.system() == ‘Windows’:

    class HTTPServer(BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer):”

    If you get this working please tell how. Thanks

  14. LazerTag LazerTag

    @ Mak

    Get the latest binary first. Seems like some issues were resolved and it’s also got specific settings for us Windows trash. 😉

    I had to put a fake PMP file in “ms0:/PSP/Video”

    I have two network settings on my PSP. In the “pmp.ini” if I set “con=0” I would get that same lock then crash like you. I have to set mine to “con=1” (when I’m at home) or “con=2” (when I’m at work).

    At to the error with “movie.avi” Did you accidentally uncomment the top most “curl” command in the “” ?

    Hope that helps.

    I have a question also. I thought PMP Mod was supposed to be able to play regular avi, mpg, and a few others? All I see are PMP files. It is a chore converting the MPG I already have to PMP. I see the various extensions listed in the, but the files don’t list from my server.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this just how it is?

  15. Dee Dee

    “Was able to stream a DVD from the Vmware Windows. No Stutter, everything smooth.Hope that Windows User are happy now”
    Is this another server?

  16. Joel Joel

    OK, so I got this working almost perfect except…

    It still stutters…

    I replaced all the old files with the new ones but it still stutters…do I have to edit something?

    But this is so awesome…i didn’t realize how great the picture quality was…

    now If only i didn’t have a wimpy 128mb card

  17. Good Good

    Great work again Optixx.

    Finally a compiled version with a proper server and documentation.
    Now any fool should be able to get it working.
    It runs great too.

    Only occasionaly stutters, but this could be due to my 768 bitrate or the distance to my AP.

    I’m hoping Johny and other devs will pick this up soon and improve it even further.

  18. Thanx works fine. 🙂

  19. Boo360 Boo360

    It works now but it is skipping for me.. I have the new server and everything else works fine…

  20. cptmarginal cptmarginal

    My only question is: how do we get AVI & MPG files working? Optixx I saw one of your screenshots showed AVI files shared over the network, and I also see the extensions listed in the python server, but they are not showing up in PMP.

    By the way, the new version works perfect for me, as did the Linux version. Optixx you kick ass, I hope you keep up the awesome work on this development, it is greatly appreciated and anticipated by everyone. Not to put any pressure or anything 🙂

  21. Good Good

    Just thought I’d add this, in case some people dont know..

    If your movies are stuttering/skipping frames… Lower the bitrate!!

    I tried a… 23fps 480×272 @768kbps Xvid encoded movie with 128kbps MP3 audio… which resulted in constant stutter each few seconds..

    Re-encoded to a… 23fps 480×272 @480kbps Xvid encoded movie with 96kbps MP3.. stuttering completely gone and it runs very smooth!

    I guess it depends for everyone… people with a very strong WiFi connection who are very close to their AP could increase the bitrate.
    Just do it adaptively, step by step, until you find your ceiling.
    Mine appears to be 500kbps Xvid video/96kbps MP3 audio.

    Thanks again for this network code Opixx!
    And ofcourse all other devs involved (johny, malloc, etc)

  22. Regi Regi

    My question is: How do I start the server¿¿¿???

  23. Regi Regi

    I got running 😀 But some line codes are appearing while playing movie…

  24. Daddazio Daddazio

    Work fine !! Good work !! I must simply the configuration but now it work !!

    I’m italian sorry for my bad english

  25. Daddazio Daddazio

    @ Regi

    Download the python server and run the file in the archive

    You have to put the file.pmp in “C:\Movies” and the file name can’t have spaces

  26. Arnz Arnz

    Hey everyone, I am having some troubles with this great program. I already configured the .ini, and PMP starts up on my PSP. The only problem I have is that I cannot get the server started. I already edited that too, I just do not know where do I need to place it, or what is the command of starting it up. Any hints would be appreciated.

  27. Mesut Mesut

    Ceck your Static IP’s and then Countinue

  28. moontan moontan

    make sure you have python installed like it says above, get it here

    Then u should just have to double click the pmp server file which should have a python icon ( this file should be on ur pc and not psp!)

  29. moontan moontan

    Hopefully someone is able to port this to the python on xbmc on the xbox

  30. lfo303 lfo303

    Great Work!

    Now all we need is on the fly decoding with multiple inputs sources.

  31. faati faati

    For some reason i cant get the python server to start. i did all that is in the guide. when i launch the python file that came with pmp mod, all it does is a black window nothing els. and yes i can get pspradio to work with my router.

  32. Dee Dee

    At first when u launch the server is a black screen. Then when launch the pmp from ur psp the text in the server will show up meaning that the server is working.

  33. Arnz Arnz

    Thanks moontan, I figured out everything, and it all works now. (I had an earlier version of Python installed, needed an update.) An awesome modification to an already great application. Kudos to you.

  34. faati faati

    thanks alot Dee

  35. OMG !!! it works first time.
    I have been antisipating streaming video’s on my psp since i got it.
    I have a TV tuner card for my pc any chance of config python to accept feed and pass it on to psp?
    Or Raw vob’s ..omg its like Christmas!!

  36. Inverse Inverse

    I get the same problem as MAK, connection doesnt actually connect, i am running the latest python… and latest build pmpmod… any suggestions?

  37. Inverse Inverse

    ok sorry it works… jumpy tho dammmit

  38. Jim Jim

    Kudos to you on a fantastic mod! Just want to reiterate some features I’d love to see:

    1. On-the-fly encoding on the PC side from .vobs or whatever (is this possible via Avisynth or some other frame server-type setup?) Guess it may be tricky cos audio + video needs to be muxed after encoding.

    2. Some way of streaming TV. Possible?

    Anyhoo, keep up the fantastic work!!

  39. makki01 makki01

    The only file format I’ve managed to stream are PMP files. Has anyone been successful with any others?

  40. Adam Adam

    To all the people having the laging problem, mine was doing the same, skipping very bad, under power save setting on ya psp make sure WLAN power save is set to off!! thats why so many peoples are skipping and others are working fine! i thought it was the bitrate i had to lower, i use PMP simple converter to make my movies and the standard butrate is 512, i made 2 movies, thay skiped flat out, chnage what i said WLAN power save to off, and works like a charm!! hope this help, the only problem i got now is finding it hard to get it to connect to server, very fussy!! works one minute, not the next!

  41. cptmarginal cptmarginal

    Nope, I’m assuming PMP is coded to only scan for .pmp files, even though the python server file clearly has many more extensions listed. The first screen shot Optixx posted had avi files listed, though…

    Jim: I too was wondering about the possibilities of an Avisynth-style frameserver. If only I was skilled enough to try and make something like that myself.

    In any case, it seems we are well on our way to Xbox Media Center-style functionality on our PSPs.

  42. DieselGuy DieselGuy

    Hello World! is anyone working on a “Dummies” guide?…I’m lost …I get all sorts of errors…can someone PLEASE put together a guide how to set up the server on a PC and what I am to do with the PSP networking(WIFI) settings…I thing I got it right on PSP but it can never connect to the server…when I test it with IE it seems to be ok..but again..for those of us who dont know Jack…I have a D-Link router and XP do firewalls prevent the server from working?…SOMEONE PLEASE!! :)…Also is possible to just use my laptop as my central point to avoid using the DLink Router…I know Dlink sucks and this is not about what best router is I would like someone to teach me and I will put together a guide with screen shots and everything but I got to get mine working first.

  43. mr.ct mr.ct

    under power save setting on ya psp make sure WLAN power save is set to off!! thats why so many peoples are skipping and others are working fine!

  44. Inverse Inverse

    diesel guy
    i got mine working after downloading the latest python msi (
    and installing it, it took a while, as i had a web server installed (xampp) which messed it up i think, and i then run the python code which i had on my desktop.
    (make sure the directory in the script is pointing at a valid location with like one pmp file as a test (C:/movies)default

    make sure your IP address is configured on the config file in the pmp player folder… does the PC running the server have a static IP address? mine was

    make sure you’ve configured your psp network settings properly to connect to your wifi network (test under update menu see if it can find the update to download) take note of the right one and make it match the pmp config file i.e the top one is 0, so it’ll be:

    con = 0;

    copy the folders over to the psp game folder… it should work if your psp wifi switch is on.

    i’m **** at guides and i am tired nore in the mood sorry

  45. mike mike

    AWESOME !!!!!!

    Sony freeplayer can go to R.I.P


  46. DigitalGuy DigitalGuy

    I have a wireless Laptop…is there way to run the Server from my wireless laptop using the laptop as the hub/center point…I would like my PSP to stream the movies from my laptop…is there a way of doing that??

  47. badbiggz badbiggz

    thnks alot got it to work……keep up the outstanding work

  48. Jim Jim

    “I have a wireless Laptop…is there way to run the Server from my wireless laptop using the laptop as the hub/center point…I would like my PSP to stream the movies from my laptop…is there a way of doing that??”

    I second that. I don’t have a router, can I set the server up on my laptop?

  49. eXKR eXKR

    Great job, this program is so amazing. Keep it this way!.

    Just one thing… the HOME button doesn’t work for me, does it work for you?

  50. yup. mine too. HOME button not functioning. I have to shutdown my psp to reset it. Thats worries me too. Hope there’s improvement for next version.

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