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PMP Mod M4g3 Update

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Updated the Network enabled version.

* Support for Ppslink debugging
* Debug output gets redirected to psplink shell




  1. sash sash

    thank you, now remote files show filesize and mtime. i just didn´t get how the network throughput is read:

    [2006-02-17 18:34:07] [/stat?filename=S3E02.pmp ]
    [Stat net:000 fd:000 ‘/movies/S3E02.pmp’ (36863 12206087 770 1 0 0 144085164 1140197646 1139709639 1140197472 )]

    what values do you get?

  2. Administrator Administrator

    You can see it in OSD. Just hit START while playing a movie.

  3. Mike Mike

    Is there any way to make this program stream any faster. I quote from the initial release “I get around 500Kbytes/s network throughput,so i had no problem to stream a ripped DVD via network. So if you are watching 800kbit movies, libcurl needs around 0.18 seconds to pull the data.” Can anyone make a release with libcurl at that setting or whatever.
    Remember the only speed limit (i think) is the 11Mbps of the 802.11b wifi standard that the PSP uses. This program doesn’t use your internet connection, just works between your computer and your router.

  4. sash sash

    ahh okay got it. a quick test gave me values from 400-630 while playing a video.

  5. sash sash

    mike: please test this new update with a few videos and post your network throughput. i can´t stream 786kbit videos without stutter, either. perhaps our wifi connection can be somehow tweaked, but we need to know whats wrong and the feature optixx included can perhaps help us.

  6. Mike Mike

    I have been using the newest update. There seems to be a speed limit somewhere in pmpmod or the server. If i play videos i have encoded not to stutter the throughput show 600-650. If i play videos which i know are well over 768kbps the throughput still shows 600-650 but the video stutters. I know my wireless connection is at least 2.5Mbps when i used it with version 2.0 PSP web browser and hfs server.

  7. Mike Mike

    is there any way to create a .pos file when using a streamed file

  8. bebeboo bebeboo

    Hi there,
    I know you are mainly focussing on network streaming (which I must admit is an amazing acomplishment!). But how hard would it be to implement stereo widening such as Srs Wow or Qsound? That would add a whole new dimension to watching movies on your psp!

    Also (I haven’t been able to try this yet) if the staitc ip address was change you a Web Static IP would it be possible to stream from your pc to an external Access Point?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Shinnok Shinnok

    HOw to du u get .avi file to play..In the PMP Mod 1.02 + Network Support
    i c the pic has .avi file in it?

  10. sash sash

    shinnok: i hope optixx corrects me if i´m wrong, but i think although the screenshot shows .avi files in the playlist pmp mod is unable to play them. jonny created the .pmp container format due to sync and buffering issues, not to bother you. pmp mod can´t play any other media files than muxed to a .pmp container. of course to convert your video material is time consuming but it´s the only way to play your media at high quality on your psp. i think the screenshot was taken in early development stages of the server where he showed .avi files but that was removed because there was no sense to do that.

    would be nice if we can collect more values concerning the network throughput, especially those lucky guys who can play their high bitrate videos without audio stutter please post!

  11. Shinnok Shinnok

    sash: thanks for the info man. That suks tho i have to convert al ma video to .pmp..But dunt get me wrong, i like .pmp . For me i usually convert my video to 576 bitrate @ 23 FPS and mp3 to 128 . With this setting with ma router i get no stutter eve when im in another room and ma video is smooth as a baby bum through the whole 1 hour :30 min movie 🙂

  12. Corso Corso

    Hi everyone. I have a question to those who said that there was no stutter if the video is encoded at a low bitrate. Ok i tried at 384 video and 64 audio. that’s pretty low but i still get stutter. My question is: Do your access points have enabled security? I know my access point is not slow, but i have 128bit WEP encryption enabled. so i was wondering if that’s what is causing the stutter. On the other hand, i can stream videos with my laptop without stutter, so i’m kinda lost

  13. sash sash

    corso: i also thought the wep encryption is responsible for the problems, but optixx said he always works with enabled wep. somebody tried it without and there was no difference so it´s definately not the encryption which causes trouble. please post your values for the network throughput, you can see it in the right bottom of the screen when you hit “start” while playing a movie. it´s perhaps interesting what you get when you stream the video from your laptop compared to your other machine.

  14. lecdg2 lecdg2

    For all of those that get stutter even with very low bitrate (>350) like I have!
    Turn off the power saving option for Wlan on your PSP option!!!!!!!
    I did, and now it’s nearly perfect!!!!

  15. Yeah, I forgot to change that when I downgraded. I’ve been converting my videos to around 450kbps give or take and it’s been playing smoothly. Now I’ll bump up the quality after ticking that power save option 🙂

  16. Corso Corso

    lecdg2: Thankx man, your tip was very helpful, now all playback improved substantionaly, rarely stutters. gonna up the bitrate and see my optimal settings.

    sash: yeah you’re right. the wep wasnt the main issue. i tried checking the througput, pressed start, but couldnt see any numbers at the bottom right. i might have an older version of or somthing.

    alright thanks all.
    great prog optixx. keep up the good work.

  17. lecdg2 lecdg2

    In fact i have just realize that the power saving option was the issue for many problems I had!!
    For example, VNC wasn’t working, now it does!, same for tedzero browner. PSP radio is working better too !
    I’ve been using homebrew for 6 month, reading a lot of forum but I ‘ve never seen this “tips” until yesterday!

  18. Giskard2k4 Giskard2k4

    Just to let you know my issue……
    I have improved my throughput (press START when playing a PMP) from 130-200(rubbish) up to 350-400….I had a hard wired LAN from base unit Pc to D-link g604t router, I put a usb 2.0 wifi dongle into my base unit & removed the hard wired LAN so everything is wifi (no hard LAN cabling at all) There was a network bridge that I disbled as I think this was preventing my wifi from connecting when no cable was present…..that is what has given me my best speed increase so far. Streaming is immensely better….
    Hope this helps someone….

  19. Pedro Pedro

    Another throughput improvement story:
    I have a 3COM DSL router with wifi that was giving me 150-180, stutterning all the time . Changed the wireless mode from mixed (11b+11g) to 11b only and now the throughput is 500-570, no stuttering at all.

  20. cptmarginal cptmarginal

    Don’t know what advice to give about improving it, but my throughput is also around 500-570 with no stuttering on my DI-614+ router hard-wired to the PC.

  21. Leo Leo

    Are there any versions in the making for the 2.6 firmware?

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