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PMP Mod M4g3

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Little update:

* Moved Controller polling to gobal Kernel Thread
* HOME Button works now to stop the app




  1. Awesome program!!

    Iร‚ยดm —> 0_0 with it.

    Thank you

  2. Excellent. Keep ’em coming.

  3. NEvolution NEvolution

    Nice update. Keep up the good work.

  4. Fant Fant

    You think you can add a feature so that if wifi is disabled, I can still use the player to play clips that are on the memorystick? Without that, I have to load the original PMP Mod and both have the same icon. Also, it would be nice if i could pause and power off and power back on and it would remember where i left off or perhaps a bookmark feature. Great program…

  5. I just test with two different brand AP. The main problem of PMP is shuttering/skipping frame even I connect my PC with wire cable and PSP work just aside the AP.

    I just realize that the main problem should be the FILE IO buffer problem after read Python code. As we can see that SERVER code are contiunious seek and read. If data that PMP requested is not in the buffer of file IO, that will cause OS to block the read function and try to load the data and usually they will try to read adead.

    It easy to know that all video need all IO function return in a fix time frame, if not, shuttering frame happens.

    Also it is easy to test my guess, just put the *.pmp file on RAMDISK, the FILE IO delay will be smaller that on disk. PMP will work smoothly.

    it will helpful to add a buffer (2M is enough) and read ahead before PMP player read the data will solve this problem.

  6. LazerTag LazerTag

    @ ArthurXu

    Someone else in another comments section here suggested to disable the WiFi power saving feature on your PSP. This worked for me and practically all stuttering is gone.

    I use a D-Link 624 wireless-g, which is by no means a “great” router. It’s located in my basement and I can watch 480×272@768kbs Stereo 128kbps PMP streams with no or very seldom skipping from the second floor of my home. And usually that skipping only occurs if I’m moving the PSP around. On the first floor it never skips at all anymore.

  7. @ LazerTag

    I already disable the WiFI power saving function, my AP is NETGEAR wgr614 v5, still skipping.

    RAMDISK test just done, it works better, but still skipping.

    Maybe both server side and PSP side need improvment

    also if you carefully look at the log of python output, you can see PMP always try to read more than used, it try to read 128K and actually only need 96K.

    First is server side code, it should buffer data before PSP request it.

    Second PMP need to reduct seek times and read just as same as it used.

  8. jchaak jchaak

    @ Lazertag

    Using same router here (Rev C, FW 2.7) any insight on the settings your using? Also are you running Python server under Win, Linux? Winxp here and getting the same skipping others are with PSP wifi pwr save off. Only 384kb video 64kb audio doesn’t skip. Thanks for any help you might have

  9. Djakku Djakku


    I’ve got the same problem as you do for streaming PMP and I’m wondering if changing the server from Http1.1 to http2.0 would help finish the stuttering.
    As a matter of fact i’m using a US robotix AP 8xxx (can’t remember the model but it’s not the newest) and I haven’t been able to use streaming smoothly, unlike Lazertag, event whit small files.

    The concept IS great, exellent but it still need a lot of tweaking.
    Nice release

  10. digihoe digihoe

    What about the plan of a new header that jhonny plans? I’m sure that will help streaming alot as it would be kind of *.ts format or am I way of?

    Great with streaming, can’t wait for it to turn TV…

    Keep up the great work!

  11. McLurkin McLurkin

    It also seems to depend on the source material. Cartoons @ 768 video, 128 audio play fine with no skipping. But a movie at those same bitrates will skip badly. Set to 468 video, 128 audio and movies play fine.
    I don’t think anyones wireless router is the problem. ALL wireless routers can go much faster than PMPMOD currently needs.

  12. LazerTag LazerTag

    I’m doing cartoons and movies and all are streaming great. Most of the movies that I have converted to PMP were originally 720×480 @ 1900kbps, Stereo 224kbps. I made them all from original DVD’s using DVD2SVCD.

    I’m running under Windows XP Pro SP2, Python 2.4.2, used Videora PMP Converter to convert to 480×272 @ 768 kbps Stereo 128 kbps. Framerate was left to “input” (which in most cases is 29.97).

    The rig serving the files is a Intel 3.2Ghz, 1 gig ram, couple big hard drives, 10/100 nic wired to the router.

    My router is Rev C1, FW 2.50. I did change out my antennae quite some time back with a CompUSA 2.4Ghz Omni Directional. I blew $20 on that antennae to help with low signal quality on the first floor. It really did not help with the issue as I still mostly get “good” or “low” quality messages just as before. I kept it anyway and I doubt it’s helping much here also. No specific settings have been done to it for this program.

    My PSP is a 1.50 firmware. Bought as 1.52, upgraded to 2.00 then downgraded to 1.50.

    That’s too bad about the WiFi auto power save though. It was driving me crazy for days and as soon as I switched that off, no more stutter. :/

  13. pspnoob pspnoob

    hi there i have a 2.5 firmware PSP i got eloader working using the GTA bug, PMP mod is listed but when i run it, screen go’s blank after awhile PSP switch’s off, and ideas or help would be appreciated

  14. No PMPMod on 2.01+ PSP’s.

  15. YorT YorT

    Is there any plans to release a version of PMPMod for 2.01+ PSP’s? – i got psp 2.01 ๐Ÿ™

  16. Djakku Djakku

    as far as I know the pmp mod use kernell access to use the wifi and to enable full screen function (not sure about the full sreen though), it’s not possible to access kernel mode on 2.xx with the current state the psp knowlegde.

  17. YorT YorT

    bugger ….

    will have to put my psp aside until this little issue is sorted :/

  18. cptmarginal cptmarginal

    People with stuttering issues ought to try running the PMP server in a command prompt instead of using any Windows GUI version of python. Mine was stuttering until I did that, now it works perfect.

  19. zoktar zoktar

    hmm the psps wifi is 11mbit right, any reason why i cant seem to get speeds higher than 160k/s ? powersave is off, iv put my linksys wrt54gs router in B-mode.
    is there an overall wifi speed issue with the psp ? or is it just something wrong at this end ? heres my routers firmware

    Firmware Version : v4.70.8, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor13d

    i did speed tests with the ftpd client got round 160k/s i might have done it with
    the ftp client aswell cant remember if it showed speed aswell but i think i got around the same speed. whats up with the wifi and the psp? anyone know? i should be getting like around 1000k/s. im 1 foot away from my router and this is hillbillyland so no other wifi networks around and not much electronic equipment here either. cant seem to find much off this on forums anyware im i the only one with this speed problem ?

  20. jchaak jchaak

    samehere, tried every suggestion on here and still slight stutter at 384k while getting 3m w/laptop. havent tried linux though.

  21. bkeny01 bkeny01

    Everything works fine, the server is seen and the files on my computer are seen but when i try to run a pmp file i get an error code like this on the server running on windows python,

    [192.168.blah.blah] code 400, messgae Bad request syntax (“GET /open?filename=Land of the Dead.pmp&flags=0_RDONLY HTTP/1.1′)
    [192.168.blah.blah] “GET /open?filename=Land of the Dead.pmp&flags=0_RDONLY HTTP/1.1” 400 –

    And this error on the PSP screen,


    “pmp_lib_open: can’t open file”

    Press X

    I dont suppose anyone cant give an an idea what is going wrong could they ?

    Thank you in advance.

  22. lame lame

    what kind of framerates are used.
    I am using 25 frames/s (PAL) and never get a film viewed without stuttering.
    I am using 512Kbit Video and 128Kbit Audio.
    Also tested with lower video rates.
    All server plattforms tested (Windows/Linux) only the command line is not tested at time.

    Fine work ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. Pete Pete

    Slight problem, had a look at the output from the python server script, when the PSP requests a directory listing the server reports 1 file found, but on the psp im being told that there are 0 files.

    Any ideas?

  24. Amz Amz

    Hi! I got it today and got frustrated when it didn’t work… but after a few retries I managed to get it to work!!! (if you get the could not read header error under windows)

    It’s very easy… I first noticed that the search path the script ended using was “/movies” instead of “c:\movies”… so I changed BOTH to “c:\movies” so it could find my PMP’s. They were listed in the PSP but they didn’t work. HOWEVER, what’s the problem here? That the script DOESN’T detect i’m on a windows platform, so I searched for more IF’s that checked this and found another one, so I COMMENTED it. Since I don’t know Python at all, it didn’t work.. so wtf… well it was just a matter of syntax, the line below the second “if its a windows platform” had to be at the same level as the other lines heh (spaces and tabs).

    Well too much for a story, locate this:

    net_fd = FileIOServer.__fd_max
    if platform.system() == ‘Windows’:
    flags |= os.O_BINARY

    change to this:

    net_fd = FileIOServer.__fd_max
    #if platform.system() == ‘Windows’:
    flags |= os.O_BINARY

    notice “flags” is aligned with “net blabla”


  25. james james

    still stutter for me, even with power save OFF, even with lower bitrates, of course it dos not lagg so much but anyone else has an idea ?

  26. Administrator Administrator

    Some tips:

    o Stay close to AP
    o Reduce noise around AP
    o Try to switch channel on the AP
    o Update firmware on the AP
    o Update wlan driver on the desktop computer
    o Watch computer cpu load and try to reduce this
    o Watch computer io load adn try to reduce this
    o Try to deactive WEP on the AP and PSP

  27. Administrator Administrator

    Thx for the 2.0 version. I was waiting for gui version which is 2.0 based. Will port the networkcode the next days…

  28. sparkY sparkY

    archives seem to be corrupted?

  29. Administrator Administrator

    fixed the dl link.

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