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PMP Converter Update

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Little update for the PMP Converter Script:

* Set bitrate via ‘-b’ swicth
* Avoid upload to psp via ‘-n’ switch

Encode video:
**python -m pmp -i file.mpg -b 600 -n**



  1. Me Me

    Thanks you! 😀

  2. Me Me

    I was testing it a bit doing 10sec conversions to watch the result.

    Always convert correctly but when i try to stream them:

    Bitrate 600 : faltering, cant watch it fluently

    Bitrate 150 : Is not fluently, cuts every 3 secs

    Bitrate 75 : Poor quality, some cuts

    Dunno if its a problem with PMP Media Player or with my wifi connection, it supposed to be a 24 Mbps wireless conection :S

  3. Pete Pete

    I guess this is something that is my fault, but when converting video’s it keeps encoding the mp3 track as mono. I tried adding -ac 2 to where I thought would be required to tell ffmpeg to do that, but no luck.

    (Apparently it needs to be stereo for PMP to play it..)

  4. enzer enzer

    Awesome, got it working in a breeze. And yes possible to make it stream avi? allow more than one directory in the server and if also it can work with videolan’s http stream would be awesome.


  5. zache zache

    it supposed to be a 24 Mbps wireless conection :S
    Problem is not the network connection speed but, that it tries to mimic fileseeking over net without buffering. So it needs probaply just some buffer code in net_io* code and it works nicely 🙂

    Nice idea, sir

  6. sparkY sparkY

    anyone tried to create a stream with yet ?
    would be nice, to stream from TV card directly to the PSP 🙂

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