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Nokia 6100 LCD

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Got my Nokia 6100 LCD working. Long story of failures. First try was a LCD with a Epson controller from ebay for 10 Euros. But somehow someone failed to solder the smd socket proberly and it went a way 😉 ( thx max ) .

Next try was a Epson based LCD including a header board from
[sparkfun]( . But this time i wasn’t able to run some demo code which was made for the LPC2138 on my LPC2148. I think the board was to fast to talk to the display. I wasn’t able set up SPI on the LPC2148 correct. Need more investigation on that topic.

So i gave up at this point and decided to go for a atmega16. I did a devel board for that which is losy based on this [schematics]( The boads uses simple parport icsp and has a serial line for debugging and sending data.

Finally i threw some code together using the init commands found in this [project]( Added support for receiving images via uart and wrote an little python client for sending images.

Future plans are to port the [glcd]( lib to the epson based lcd.


[download source](


  1. Looks damn nice! Congratulations for the cool achievement!

    btw. i like your site 🙂

  2. Hi Sir
    How can be used atmega128l ?


  3. Kool Kool

    Hi i am trying to interface an atmega32 with nokia 6100 lcd can you please help me with the schematic and software –

  4. Cedric Lungiambudi Cedric Lungiambudi

    hi sir i am also trying to interface a Nokia 6100 ATmega32 i would be so thankful if you could hepl me with the schematic and software.

  5. venkatesh venkatesh

    How to interface this with PIC24F series, can u send any example code on this.

    Venkatesh V

  6. Administrator Administrator

    Sorry but i didnt do anywork on PICs.

  7. please give me PCB file for lcd 6100

  8. satyendra satyendra

    hello sir, i’m trying to interface nokia lcd 6100 with pic18f4520 but not able to display properly. it is displaying only white and yellow color and then some random color keeps repeating even i didnt gave command to show those color. i used 8 bit color mode and its epson controller. can you help me with this. can you can me all command list and how to initialize it properly.

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