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New Hardware Revision

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Max took a quick break from his vacations and was able to work on the new hardware revision of the snesram. Its mainly a bugfix to version 0.1 . We also did some cost reductions. Most obvious is to go for 2 Mbyte of sram instead of 4Mbyte. It just make the PCB smaller and less complex. I guess this should be alright with most peoples needs.
We gonna print a small amount of PCB and will take pre-orders as soon as we know they will arrive. Not sure about the final price, depends on the PCB costs and if we get
better prices for the sram. Stay tuned.

Changes in Detail:

* Add AVR reset button
* Fix CS bug and add additional gate
* Reduce to 2 Mbytes for 16 Mbits games
* Snes reset line trigger
* No FTDI for the serial line
* Add RX/TX to pin header
* Model Snes connector header
* 1,2 mm PCB for direct plug
* Blacksolder Mask
* White silk screen




  1. Very exciting to see so much development going on for the SNES. I hope it turns out as nice as the USB flash cart did.

  2. gilligan gilligan

    matthew, are you kidding ? mash mods flash cart is complete
    bollocks compared to this little gem once its done 😉

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