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We call it ‘QuickDev16 USB’

Last updated on 2021-05-31

Finally we found a better name for the snesram and renamed it to ‘QuickDev16 USB’. Final PCB layouts are ready and will be send to china soon. So in about 2 weeks we will have our first PCBs.

Confirmed Features:

  • 16 MBit Sram for Rom storage
  • ATmega644 MCU for housekeeping
  • USB connection for ROM upload
  • ucon64 software compatibel
  • PAL/NTSC CICs are supported
  • Lo/Hirom support
  • Reset trigger from cartridge possible
  • AVR USB Bootloader for quick firmware uploads
  • Snes bootloader intro
  • Snes powered, no power source needed

Stay tuned for more features, especially debugging helpers




  1. Nice name … keep the good work going on !!!

  2. This is looking to be a very interesting project, and would be a lot easier than man-handling my floppy drive every time I want to play something on a real SNES. Keep up the great work.

    Do you have any idea as to when the preorders will take place?

  3. Administrator Administrator

    Max will be on holiday for the next 4 weeks and he is the only one who has that excellent soldering skills in out team, we’ll better wait for him to solder the PCBs properly. Maybe we start to take preorders in 3 weeks. Thats a lose plan we have. Stay tuned and thx for the positive comments.

  4. gilligan gilligan

    hey optix&max ..

    looking good and i’m really looking forwoard to get one of those 😀
    Only drawback is the name to be honest.. quickdev16 ? c’mon .. that
    sounds like a shareware plugin in Visual Basic 3.0 😉 You should have
    gone for something that at least gives a hint at the snes platform. Maybe
    famidev16 or sufamidev, snesD, .. blah .

    anyway, really looking forward to this

  5. Administrator Administrator

    It was a quickshot with the name, nearly ended up just keeping the old name ‘snesram’. I guess for an hour name brainstorming its quite ok. And i guess it will not be the last thingy we do for the have some better names to come in the future….

  6. gilligan gilligan

    well i’m sure the thing itself is gonna be cool so the name
    really doesn’t matter much anyway.. just had to speak my mind
    on that one anyway 🙂

  7. jix jix

    This thing looks just awesome 🙂 I’ll order one for sure, i’d even take the unassembled pcb + parts 🙂

  8. Administrator Administrator

    Cool that u like it. Looking forward so see stuff from u with an hooked SuperFX 🙂

  9. max-_- max-_-

    yo mates, keep on looking forward.. i’m back in 3 weeks and then the PCBs get assembled and tested!

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