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Super Nintendo Talk

Last updated on 2012-01-03

A while ago i held a talk at the [ccc]( in cologne about my favorite game console the Super Nintendo. This talk covers the Super Nintendo technology in detail. Starting with the CPU and PPU, covering the cartridge memory maps and showing most of the custom chips which where used on cartridges. I also show development hardware, copier stations and the current available flashcarts. The topic emulation is also covered . The second part of the talk is about the [quickdev16]( project, which i did with my friend max in 2009. We built a flashcart for the SNES which is useful for developing homebrew software. The talk sums up all the details i learned during the research i made to built this kind of cartridge. I uploaded the [slides](, maybe someone find this useful to dive into the SNES world.


  1. Laserbeak Laserbeak

    Thanks! just read it. I didnt know scribd was a premium site…

  2. Hi, could you send or reupload the slides of your talk to a different location?

    Scirbd wants money from me to download the slides.

    Thanks in advance

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