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PSP Futurecomposer Player

Made a Futurecomposer player to the PSP. This version is hacked together from the xmms-fc and the fcplay sources. First i did x86 version using alsa interface. Later ported this over to the psp using the native audio interface.
Memory footprint is quite ok, despite the fact that the old FC engine is written in c++ so that the whole stuff has to be linked against libstdc++ which makes the player kind of bloated.


[download fcplay](

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Ported the original sidplay to the PSP. Now i use the native pspsdk audio libs so SDL is not needed anymore. This reduces the footprint by 200 Kb.

download sidplay

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PSP libsidplay Port

Ported libsidplay to the PSP. Also made an simple SDL based player which uses libsidplay. You will need current PSPSDK and SDL lib to build the lib and sample player. Enjoy the C64 Sound 😉


[download libsidplay](

[download sdlsidplay](

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PMP Converter Update

Little update for the PMP Converter Script:

* Set bitrate via ‘-b’ swicth
* Avoid upload to psp via ‘-n’ switch

Encode video:
**python -m pmp -i file.mpg -b 600 -n**



PMP Server Gui

Made a little Gui for the PMP Server Script. Iam Using [PyQT]( as Window Toolkit.

* Config Server Root dir
* File Progress Info
* Support for KDE SystrayIcon