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Category: GBA


Oldskool Gba Intro

Did a small intro for the GBA. I’m using [Mushroom]( lib for low level hardware access. Further more iam using [Krawall]( sound engine. It’s looks like a old amiga intro, having a sine scroller and some wobbel logo stuff in the background. Have a look…..


[Picture 1](

[Picture 2](



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Flash2Advance Parport Client

When i started [developing]( for the GBA i bought a [Flash2Advance]( because the [MBV2]( limited me too much.
I took the Parport version, because i thought it’s more likely to find a Parport driver or client tool for Linux than a usb based. But the only Linux based tool i could find was the Usb client called [f2a]( So i decided to write my own client or user space driver. I took the Usb sources and added Parport support. I used [Wine]( to reverse engineer the protocol. I took me 2 weekends to analyse the Wine io debug dumps and find all patterns. I even had to write some Python scripts to get worked through the whole io debug logfiles. But finally i had a working parport driver. Later i ported the Parport io code from outb/inp calls to Kernel parport dev interface. The whole tool was later integrated into the [Ucon64]( suite.


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