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Stella Update

Released a new build of the the [Atari 2600]( Emulator [Stella]( for the PSP. Just a up2date release to reflect current CVS changes.




New Stella Release

Finished a new release of the the [Atari 2600]( Emulator [Stella]( for the PSP. Did some bug fixing and fixed the build system to work with latest pspsdk. It’s seems that the Stella 2.0 version is nearly finished and it will be released on the official site in the near future.

**Change Log**

* Fixed build system work with latest pspsdk ans psptoolchain
* New key mapping
* Control menu to access advanced features during the emulation
* Support for overclocking via the configfile


[Laucher Menu](

[Game Menu](

[Control Menu](




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Stella PSP Port

Ported the [Atari 2600]( Emulator [Stella]( to the Portable Playstation.
The Port is in offical project CVS at Sourceforge. Currently the version is beta and there is no offical psp build. You can download my build,
but use it on your own risk.


To build for the **PSP**, make sure psp-config is in the path and run:

   ./configure --host=psp --disable-developer
   make psp-upload
   make psp-layout


* psp-toolchain
* pspsdk
* libsdl
* libpng


* Video: Support for scaled software mode and framebuffer hardware mode
* Audio:Working
* Input: Mouse emulation via Joystick
* Snapshot: Working
* Lauchner: Working
* Menu : Working
* Debugger: Not useable


* Cross:Left Mouse Button


* Cross: Fire
* Circle: Load State
* Square: Save State
* Triangle: Snapshot
* Select: Console Select
* Start: Console Reset
* Left Trigger: Games Menu
* Right Trigger: Command Menu

**Known Bugs**

* SDL video driver is in early stage, so expect flickering and update problems
* Stella will only compile/run with lastest sdl, pspskd and toolchain.
* Stella will crash if SDL is compiled with –disable-stdio-redirect.
* Also you need a custom libSDLmain which has a debugHandler for stdout.


[Picture 1](

[Picture 2](