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I always loved the [SNES]( For me it was the last piece of hardware on which i enjoyed gaming. Nothin hit me again like Mario Kart or Yoshis Island. But that’s a different story.

Since my [Amiga 500]( days i loved to programm in ASM, but never really had the opportunity to code lately,since x86 ASM is really awful to code. But [68000er]( ASM was always fun. So the SNES could be a good target? Yep ! The Snes uses a pimped up 6502, called 65816. It’s faster, uses 16-bit operations and has 24bit address space. To get some code running on the SNES i used the [WLA]( Assembler. So what does is look like ?

	ldx.w   #plane_0         ; assign vram location $1000 to $2116/7
	stx     $2116
	ldx     #$0000

	lda.w  	text_0,x        ; get ascii text data
	and     #$3f            ; we only want the first 64 characters
							; convert ascii to c64 screen code
	sta     $2118
	stz     $2119           ; clear unwanted bits, no h/v flipping
	cpx     #$0400          ; transfer entire screen
							; $20*$20=$0400  (1024 bytes)
	bne    init_plane_0_loop 

Yo, old skool. So i started to write a little Amiga [Cracktro]( Style demo. I setup my devel enviroment using the WLA Assembler and vanilla Makefiles. Since i didn’t get my [Super Wild Card]( Backupstation working, i tested the code against [ZNES]( Emu. Also i wrote some python scripts to generate sine tables and copper bar includes. I made some color gardients with [GIMP]( and converted then into asm includes to use then as raster interrupt lookuptables. Hm i think it took me week from start reading the 65816 specs, till i had this little thingy running. It’s far away from optimal code. Sometimes it’s jerking and no sound also. But so what, my first SNES release and iam proud that i got something runing on that machine. Learned how use [HDMA]( tables and about [Nintendo’s]( weired [memory map]( memory mapping 2.txt) (what is a zero page ???never had an [C-64](….So what did come out? Have look at it.


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